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Hello there, thanks for stopping by. My life is filled with wonders - my family, friends,creativity, long coffee catch ups and even longer lunches.
I was born into a family of Artisans, Dancers, Creators, Writers and Painters.So it comes as no surprise that I was born with the same passion.
My journey has taken me from the stage of competition dance to creating jewellery and Millinery, to become an intuitive memory Artisan working with Acrylics, Resin and Silk Fabric.
Travelling the world continues to ignite my passion of transforming not only my memories but also those of my clients as I interpret thoughts, feelings, seasons, weather and colours of a favourite place into abstract hanging wall art, resin tabletop art and wearable silk art.
My products
With a curious artisan's mind, I find myself constantly dabbling and exploring with combinations of textures and mediums on variable and unusual surfaces. Gathering knowledge in this manner is of great benefit to my clients as I produce:
*Acrylic on canvas hanging wall art
*Acrylic and Resin hanging wall art
*Acrylic and resin tabletop art
*Hand painted pure silk scarves and pashminas
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Vicki-Jayne Streatfield H'Art For Your Home
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